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Stained glass in the modern interior

Stained glass in the modern interior
Stained glass in the modern interior

Thinking about stained glass, most people imagine something majestic and monumental, like the windows and ceilings of Western Gothic temples or the lobbies of expensive shops or interiors of vintage hotels. It mistakenly leads people to the thought that firstly the stained glass corresponds only for classical interiors, secondly it is possible in rooms with large dwelling place and thirdly costs incredibly expensive. Though many people admire this kind of art, most of them hardly imagine the stained glass in their interior.

We would like to assure you that the artists of our studio could skillfully decorate modern apartments with stained glass pieces of art. Moreover, if in the past the stained glass was a decoration only for windows and doors, now the imagination of modern artists makes possible to decorate pieces of furniture, ceilings and interior doors giving them some other functional content.

The use of stained glass in modern apartments and houses allows to play with the interior and to change the atmosphere with the help of light and colors of glass compositions.

There are the following ways of using stained glass in the interior:

1. The most traditional is the stained glass in the windows. However, here we have the possibility to experiment with the form, the area and the size of a picture.
2. The stained glass in the doors is used to make the interior more individual. If the stained glass composition is chosen accordingly, it can change even the ascetic interior entirely.
3. The stained glass ceilings are not widely spread, but these peace of design used in the interior of the dining room and kitchen could create really harmonic and warm atmosphere.

Stained glass ceiling in the hall of the apartment 196 cm* 198 cm

4. The interesting decision in zoning the living place is the use of interior doors with stained glass panels. This makes the interior wide and airy, and provides a smooth transition between the rooms.
5. One more type of stained glass in the interior are the decorative elements like false windows and panels made of glass and backlight. They diversify the interior and emphasize its composition.

It should be added that it is possible to decorate all kids of living spaces with the stained glass: living room, kids’ room, kitchen and living room, bathroom and others.

Chandelier in the children room, diameter 40cm

When creating stained glass pieces, the “Luxart” workshop artists match the style of the stained glass to the design and interior of the room. For example, smooth lines, the presence of flower elements and calm pastel shades characterize the classical style in the interior. And in the modern style of hi-tech it is necessary to choose compositionally laconic sketches with clear lines and shape forms.

The artists pay special attention to the choice of stained-glass windows for dwellings with ethnic interiors - Moroccan, Chinese, Japanese and others, as it requires the use of ornaments and color schemes inherent in these countries.

Do not be afraid to experiment! A well-chosen stained glass will never look cumbersome or inappropriate. The result of the work of "Luxart" workshop artists will definitely correspond to the style and design of the interior and will improve it by making it modern, individual and charming!


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