Order stained glass


Usually the price of stained glass is a rather ambiguous value. Peculiarity of stained glass is in their diversity, which is due to the complexity of the artistic performance. That’s why it is impossible to establish a stable price for stained glass.

The only certain fact is that stained glass could not be repeated. If you want us to perform identical stained glass you’ll be offered other design but similar in style and technique. As a result you’ll get unique stained glass made especially for you!

This is an example of establishment of an appropriate price depending on the complexity of stained glass


Types complexity of the stained glass


Simple Проста
from 300$ on 1 m2
Average Проста
from 400$ on 1 m2
High Проста
from 500$ on 1 m2
Highly Проста
from 600$ on 1 m2


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